Carbondale without the “car”

Bonedale Bike Week is a five day celebration of the best way to get around CarBondale -- the bicycle. In concert with National Bike to Work Week, the goal is to get as many Bondalians out on bikes as we can all week long (and beyond...).

From the dedicated racer or bike commuter to those who ride just for fun, or are brand new to the wonder of 2 wheels, Bike Week has something for everybody. Ride around town in a crazy Scavenger Hunt, or just get a free cup of Joe in the morning. Come join the fun for any of our FREE events, or, even better, attend them all & increase your chances of winning the grand prize!! (see Freebies page...)

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Let's continue to make this a common site on every corner!!

On an individual level, the bicycle offers mental, spitritual and physical fitness -- all while getting you where you need to go. Collectively, the bicycle battles the demons of Obesity, Depression, Global Warming and Terrorism. Bikes make us better, and they make our world a better place for our better selves to live (and ride) . It's one big CYCLE. Get it?

So grease your chains and pump up your tires! (Or let us do it during your morning coffee visit) If you can ride to work all week, great! If you can come out and ride after work, that's great too! Alas, if you don't work at all, you're still invited, but we'll be jealous.

"Pssst! It's me, your bike! I'm still out here, hanging out where you left me. I try to say hi every time you walk by and drive away. I just want you to know, I really like riding with you. That last time we went out on the path, do you remember? The breeze and the trees and all. That was really fun. Let's do it again. Or even if you just need to head out to the store, or the mailbox. I'm here for ya buddy. Let's take a ride soon!"

 **All times and details subject to change before the Event.  Please check back often. Thanks**

                     for pictures from last year's event go to R2's Picasa Web Album !!!!!